St. Michael's Catholic Grammar School, Barnet.

Welcome From The Chair Of St. Michael’s Parents’

Hello and welcome to the Parents, Guardians and Families of students at St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School.
The SMPA is voluntary parents’ body made up of parents/guardians who automatically become members once they join the school.
The PA is the link between the school and the parent community. We provide an environment that enables a sense of belonging and encourages parents to support each other and the school.

Ota Obiekwe
Chairperson, SMPA

September 2022

Our Vision

Our vision is to make it easier to strengthen the family and school community by creating an accessible forum for all St. Michael’s parents and guardians. The forum will encourage and promote contribution and participation activities, including but not limited to fundraising, social events and volunteering efforts which will enable school projects which are beyond the schools’ resources.

Our Values

Ensuring relevant information is shared between parents and the school.

Active participation and contribution from parents.

Every parent/guardian should endeavour to participate in organising activities by contributing their time remotely or physically

A culture where parents/guardians feel valued, welcome and heard.

Using our collective strength to participate and contribute towards making a difference in our children’s education.

We Need You

Supporting the school could be done in more ways than one; you can volunteer your time, make a small donation to the PA, or do both. As a Parent/Guardian, we want you to be actively involved in helping the school, especially in these difficult times.
The PA is not just about raising funds but about creating a community of like-minded parents who want to see their daughters thrive in a warm and loving family environment.

How To Get Involved With The PA

We welcome your questions and ideas but most importantly, we anticipate your involvement with the PA. Please get in touch with us if you want to get more involved. Contact SMPA.

Committee Vacancies

As the academic year has just commenced, several roles require filling. There is a place for everyone; find yours now. Sign Up